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Ugwem I. Eneyo
Co-Founder & CEO


Cole Stites-Clayton
Co-Founder & CTO

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Tolulope Owokade
Director of Operations


Tyler Davis
Principal Software Engineer

As Stanford graduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering, founders Ugwem and Cole spent their days and nights coding and building models that can design and seamlessly operate nano- and microgrids in emerging markets. As a Nigerian-American, Ugwem was well aware of the energy challenges facing her family and millions of other in Nigeria and around the world. With Cole's background in Engineers Without Borders, the two embarked on creating real-world solutions that could drive sustainable development in emerging markets at the nexus of energy and environment. Joined by Tyler, a Stanford alumna and software engineer, the team and their advisors are working to change the energy landscape in emerging markets. Tolulope Owokade joined, leading the team on the continent and bringing in nearly a decades worth of experience in telecommunications operations in Nigeria.

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Open Positions

We're looking for people who are risk-takers, passionate about a clean energy revolution and genuinely want to change the world.  Solstice Energy Solutions is an energy technology company that is on a mission to enable an energy revolution for underserved consumers in emerging markets. With groundbreaking IoT and software at our core, our vision is to enable access clean, reliable and affordable energy for homes and businesses. 

Principal Hardware Engineer

Oakland, California &


Solstice Energy Solutions is looking for a Principal Hardware Engineer to design, develop and deploy innovative hardware products for management of energy systems. The Principal Hardware Engineer will take on significant ownership of all hardware processes from ideation through manufacturing, and is expected to contribute original and innovative ideas to help support and grow the vision of Solstice.

The Principal Hardware Engineer’s focus will be put towards designs for manufacturing, cost optimization, as well as ensuring products meets all appropriate safety and regulatory standards. This role will also be responsible for leading early stages of development on new hardware products that complement and expand the current functionality of the Solstice technology. 

This role represents an exciting opportunity for a motivated engineer to lead the development of a highly impactful and innovative product. The candidate chosen for this role will have the chance to contribute to a small and dynamic team in pursuit of Solstice’s environmental mission. Success in this position means successful work and oversight to support the launch of the Solstice SHYFT. In the longer term, success will also mean helping to build and manage a growing team of hardware engineers supporting SHYFT and other Solstice products.

Preferred qualities

  • B.S. Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or experience with hardware

  • Ability to remain flexible, embrace change, and manage uncertainty

  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and timely follow-through

  • Technical aptitude, and ability to rapidly learn new concepts

  • Excellent question-asker, with ability to initiate, research, and execute a variety of challenging tasks

Solstice Energy Solutions is looking for a motivated, skilled, and creative Senior Front-End Software Engineer to join our Software Engineering Team, the team responsible for developing and delivering our clean energy software services.

Solstice is building mobile and web app solutions which give our customers unprecedented insight and control into the energy management of their home or business. Various smart, connected devices operate together to manage a home or business with multiple energy sources; including solar, batteries, a utility connection, and diesel generators. This newly-connected energy mix presents many exciting opportunities and challenges, including effectively communicating complex information to a home or business owner in an easily-digestible visual format. This information could include: how their energy system is operating in real-time, how it has operated in the past, recommendations for cost savings or emissions reductions, and more advanced analytics and graphs.

This position is a great opportunity for someone excited to apply their UI/UX skills in a dynamic context. The ideal candidate is a talented front-end engineer whose experience spans mobile and web, and who thinks holistically and creatively. Success in this position means working with the team to bring beautiful, intuitive products into the hands of business and residential customers. Long term, this position could include the ability to help build and lead a growing team.




  • Develop, test, and deploy mobile application(s) that provide basic insight and control of a building’s energy system

  • Develop, test, and deploy web application(s) that provide more advanced insight, control, and analytics

  • Be actively involved in the design process for said applications

  • Maintain one code base (per mobile app) that can be used across multiple platforms (i.e. iOS and Android)

  • Create automated test suite for each code base, ensuring that applications run reliably

  • Create and maintain reusable components and styles for consistent branding

  • Work across the engineering team to design clear and consistent APIs and data feeds.

Required Qualifications:

  • Professional experience with front-end (web and/or mobile) development

  • Professional experience with Angular platform (Angular 2+, not AngularJS)

  • Professional experience with cross-platform mobile applications

    • Ideally Ionic/Angular, but including React Native or other progressive web app framework

  • Professional experience with at least a few of the following:

    • Ionic, Angular, Typescript, Javascript, React, Redux, Mobx, Node.js

  • Professional experience using common team workflow and development tools, such as:

    • git, Github, Slack, InVision (or similar), cloud platforms (e.g. AWS, Heroku, etc.), project management tools (e.g. Jira, Asana, etc.), and continuous integration tools (e.g. Travis CI, CircleCI, etc.).

  • In addition to technical aptitude, ability to learn new technologies and processes quickly on the fly

  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills: asks good questions and explains process, timelines, etc.; sets clear expectations.

  • Good at working collaboratively, with the ability to also be self-directed at times

  • Desire to continuously improve our processes and find creative solutions to our operational challenges

  • Ability to remain flexible, embrace change, and manage uncertainty

  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and timely follow-through


Senior Front-End Software Engineer

Oakland, California

(location Flexible)

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